About: The Mission

I like having an image of the author for blogs, it would be remiss of me not to provide one

Over the Past Year and a bit I have been buying a lot of things at low low prices, but have been too busy to keep up with my purchases.  I’ve had to degrade from University this year for personal reasons and so am now afforded the time to make use of the products I bought.  I thought I would keep track of what I was doing.

About the Reviews – I’m putting up all of my reviews apart from movies as lists instead of prose, with each point on the list expanded upon in a paragraph.  It makes them easier to read and more importantly easier to write.  This blog is meant to be casual and I don’t want to have to plan a massive fucking bit of prose or I’ll stop writing it.  There’ll be some order to how the lists are structured; prizes to anyone who gets it right on a particular review!  Anything in list form should be considered to include spoilers, often heavy.  I’m doing movies as prose, basically trying to make them fit for publication, as long as the publication allows swearing, so they’ll be spoiler free and hopefully read as an article.


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