Bionic Commando(2009): A Rant (Part 1)

28 02 2010

I played through this game in December and I really wish I’d written about it then.  So intense was my vitriol that it would just spew forth to whoever I was talking to.  I wanted to tell people about it so much that I would take the time necessary to explain what the game was to them just so they could understand what it was I hated so much.  As it stands, my fervour has subsided, although hopefully I’ll get all worked up as I write and start hammering the keys in frustration.  I was faced with a choice between sitting down and doing this now or playing through the game again in order to give a fair (and hopefully more entertaining) account of the game.  I asked the advice of a friend and he quite plainly stated, “Colm, under no circumstances play through that game again.  Don’t do it to yourself.”  And he was right.  So here are my two month old thoughts on Bionic Commando.  They won’t be as intense, but they have had longer to fester.  Read the rest of this entry »


And so it begins…

19 12 2009

Last night Pod and I played some of the coop mode in Saints Row 2 and it was an awful lot of fun.  The design philosophy is something I thoroughly enjoyed.  It really seems geared to having the most fun possible.  The game doesn’t take itself seriously at all.  The old stalwart of surfing while your partner drives the car is taken to dizzying new heights by having the surfer perform ridiculous stunts while he’s up there.  We were interrupted by a police onslaught when we were buying new clothes, such that we both ended up having to split before we could buy any trousers.  So we then, by necessity, not design, had to tear around the city wearing just y-fronts and a t-shirt before making it our mission to get some pants.  The sight and idea of this was a source of infinite amusement.  The game is pretty blood-thirsty and does celebrate gang culture but it’s so wilfully stupid and over the top that it’s impossible to take it seriously or interpret it as the thesis of the developers.  In that spirit, one other highlight involved being given an achievement for tossing a police woman off the top of a building.  Final highlight was Pod watching me jump a car off a building over a Police blockade while two squad cars followed me over only to hit siad blockade.  And we didn’t set any of this up.    It’s just how the game plays and it’s glorious. It made me wish there was a movie-saving ability or screen shot function.  Then I could put up a picture of my cockney, blood-thirsty digital self.