Battlestar Galactica Complete Season 4: The Season Itself

13 02 2010

I think the ultimate finale of Battlestar Galactica deserves its own post, but that won’t be up for a while since I want to talk to some friends about it a bit more before I put my thoughts online.  There’s a line of dialogue towards the end of it that I need to sort out that is pretty crucial in my interpretation.  So here I’m just going to be discussing the season proper up until the thing with the console happens during the finale.  I think my TV reviews are going to be spoilery, but I’ll keep the movie reviews spoiler-free, so



Everything I’ve always liked – It’s still Battlestar Galactica.  Whatever reasons you had for watching it up until this point, they’re still here now.  The production values are extremely high.  All of  the deep, varied characters that have been built over the previous three seasons are still here.  All of the great ship and costume designs obviously persist and the new designs this season are the most ambitious yet.  The writing is still original and nuanced.  The performances are still mind-bending.  Almost everything I loved about the previous seasons is here, with only a couple of exceptions, so bear in mind when reading the negatives that this show is as strong as it has been and the fourth season was maybe the strongest since the first.  There’s an urgency about it that, I think, allowed them to avoid duff episodes like Scar and Black Market from previous seasons. Read the rest of this entry »